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    Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BD.

    Please note: Burlington Gardens will open on 7 August.

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    7 August – 18 October 2023

    Tickets are limited and have now sold out. We will release more tickets in August.

    Léon Spilliaert

    5 August – 20 September 2023


    5 August — 31 December

    Young Artists’ Summer Show

    Online exhibition

    Summer Exhibition 2023

    6 October 2023 – 3 January 2021

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    We think it’s high-time to zone out at the crafts table. Here are four kid-friendly projects the whole family can try at home.

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    For those of you at home, we’ve put together a few ideas of things you can do with the family.

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    Looking for more? Well art-lover, we have just the thing...

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    Here’s our pick of the best artist biopics and documentaries available to stream in April.

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